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Me in a minute We have had three goes at it and have finally finished.we caluculated the class mean median and mode for our results. We have improved in every thing except squats who’s average dropped from 55.1 to 51.8.

One that has improved was balls in target it started on 9.10 then rose to 20.58.


Me in a minute was a activity were we had to see how many things we could do in a minute for example how many push,star jumps etc.

Why are we doing it:we are doing it to assess our physical health,challenge are selfs,do some maths on it like graphs  and develop persistence and goal setting.

My results when I did the basketball  hoops was above average out of the class I was very happy.

To things I am going to approve on is sit ups and skips. I will approve by practising.



My goal is to slow down and read the words correctly.



i have been practising reading my book. I know all the words in my book that I use to get wrong but I still have to slow down and read slower.