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Old fashion

The people who painted  this is AAT Kings. In this picture I can hear water splashing, people laughing with excitement when they get an ounce of gold and adults watching children play. You can hear water trickling, little rocks getting shaken in a pan when people are trying to find gold.

About me

Hi, my name is Mitch and I am going tell  you all about my hobbies. I like to ride my motor bike in the bush as there are lots of different and interesting tracks to ride on.  I also love the smell of gum trees when riding my bike. Another thing I love to ride is my horse, Storm. I llike to also ride Storm in the bush as we jump logs. A sport I like to play is football. The reason I love to play football is because you get to run, tackle and be with your mates.



Stick by the rual

The rule of thirds is something that aplises to a photo. You need to imagine your picture with vertical or horizontal  thirds and the picture is not directly in the middle third. My picture is correct because the picture is in the first two boxes and the path is the last box. Your eye is drawn to the last third, where the path is going, it helps to make it more interesting to look at.


In this picture the tunnel is in the far third and the tree is in the secend third. Make sure there is some interesting in each third.


On Thursday the first we had  a concert. The song we where dancing to was Animals. Our class practised every Wednesday to get it spot on. We had a few ups and downs but we pushed threw in the end. When it was time for us to dance in front of the whole school we were all nervous but when we started dancing all the nerves went away. I think we did a very good job and every body got the moves right.


During this week we had art. In art we had to paint our own skate boards. My skate board was painted stripes on one side which were blue and yellow and on the other side with splatter paints. I finished my skate  board last week and I am very happy with it.






In maths this week we learnt about symmetry and elapsed time. Symmetry was fun because all we had to do was copy a picture. The picture was a castle.

Elapsed time was sort of fun and the reason it was sort of fun is because I found some parts that were hard but I found the rest was easy after a bit of practice.

Heres a tip if you don’t know how to do elapsed time one it helps if you know  how to tell the time. A nother tip when you put it on a number line it helps to work out the answer because you can see where your up to.