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Fantastic Mr fox.


Down in the valley their was three famers, the owners of these farms have done well. Because of the growing produce they sold which made them rich.


“I can small these goons from a mile a way,I can even smell one from the other”said Mr Fox, Boggis gives off a filthy stink of rotten chicken skin.Bunce reeks of goose-livers, and as for Bean, flames of Apple cinder hang around him like poisonous gases.


The inferences of these farmer are there rich and nasty man.

Their names were farmer Boggis, bunce and also farmer bean.

Farmer boggis is enormously fat and has thousands of chickens.

Farmer bunce is a duck-and-goose farmer,he. Looks like a pot bellied dwarf.

Farmer  bean is a turkey and apple farmer.how owners thousand of

tuerky farmer and dosent eat enough and that why he is so skinny.